1x10: Fire and Blood

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The announcement of the tragic events of King's Landing disseminates all over the Seven Kingdoms. In the meantime, Daenerys cremates Drogo as she gives birth to three little beings.


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Fire and Blood is the last episode from the first season of this marvelous series. After Eddard Stark's execution, the northerns claim Robb as the new true king in the North. As Jaime is held prisoner by the Stark army, Tyrion is the new Hand of the King.

Across the sea, Daenerys son is born dead and Drago is about to die. Full of pain, Daenerys decides to burn herself alive along with Drago and the three eggs. Surprisingly, the Targaryen girl survives to the fire and the eggs have now become three tiny dragons.

Interesting facts: "Fire and Blood" is the Targaryen House's slogan and is clearly related to the fire as an element controlled by this people. Did you notice that we're only one episode away from Ned's death? It seems that the good and rightful man didn't have what it takes to rule in the Seven Kingdoms

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