4x10: The Children

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This is "The Children", Game of Thrones fourth season's finale! Please, do not spoil. Watch, share and enjoy!!!


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The Children is the last episode from season 4. While the tension is about to be relased on the Wall, Tyrions is waiting as he has been sentenced to death by execution.

By the Wall, Jon speaks with Mance Rayder to end the fight between the Night's Watch and the wildings. However, from one moment to the other, Stannis Baratheon shows up along with Davos and the whole army and Mance and his people are taken over. Mance is held prisoner and Jon gives Ygritte a proper funeral.

Back in King's Landing, Jaime suddenly changes its mind and decides to help his brother Tyrion. The imp leaves the room he's being held in and walks through a hidden tunnel. The scene he witness is extremely painful: Shae, the woman he fell in love with, lays in bed with Tywin, his father. One more time, GoT did it again. In the epic final, Tyrion kills both Shae and his father with a crossbow.

Interesting fact: believe it or not, the date this episode was released matched with the Father's Day. Ironic, right? Also, the episode's title is clearly related to relationships between childrens and parents

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